Flashcard games for toddlers

Flashcard games for toddlers

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Flashcards are ideal for infant stimulation and fascinating to many children, making learning a fun part of everyday play. With Flash'em suite of applications we have tried to bring the fun-filled flashcard learning experience to the mobile devices, thus turning mobile into an effective learning tool.

Flasm'em-General Knowledge is built to address the learning needs of children from 3 years to 6 years. It covers a vast range of general knowledge topics which will enhance your child's knowledge and understanding of general concepts and terms which we come across in our day-to-day routine. It consists of 55 categories of flashcards with total of more than 1200 flash cards and more than 225 sounds (wherever applicable). This rich set of flashcards content (details given below) will open an amazing new world of learning to your child.

On top of this rich set of flashcards content we have also incorporated following features to aid your child's learning -
1. Quiz Games - There are five fun-filled Quiz games which will engage your child, thus bring challenge and a sense of achievement in the leaning process
2. Audio Aid and Card Sound - This will engage hearing in the learning of flashcards, thus helping to learn and recall flashcards faster
3. Cards Selection - For progressive learning, open cards to your child progressively
4. Call'em - This feature uses voice recognition to identify the flashcard
5. Regional Accent - Set the voice to your regional accent to give your child a familiar environment for learning
6. Card Preview Mode - Sequential and random preview mode will bring an element of surprise in the learning process
7. Background Music - A fun-filled melody playing in the background will keep your child engaged
Do please explore the Settings screen for more such features

Following are the categories and the number of flashcards within each category covered in Flash'em-GK:
Alphabets(26), Birds(34), Clothing(39), Colors(29), Continents(7), Currency (Money)(21), Dance Forms(13), Days of the Week(7), Dinosaurs(17), Domestic Animals(32), Drinks(15), Family(15), Flags(23), Flowers(34), Food(44), Fruits(38), Furniture(34), Gadgets(27), Hello and Welcome(16), Hobbies(17), Home Appliances(23), Illnesses(9), Indoor Games(16), Insects(21), Instruments(31), Landforms(18), Leafs(16), Marine(16), Months(12), Nature(36), Numbers(21), Occupations(51), Oceans(5), Our Houses(13), Outdoor Games(22), Parts of Body(30), Parts of Plant(5), Parts of the Day(10), People(63), Places(32), School Subjects(11), Scientist(23), Seasons(4), Shapes(16), Solar System(10), Space(12), Stages of Life(8), The Five Senses(5), Tools(33), Toys(17), Type of Rocks(9), Vegetables(39), Vehicles(35), Weather(9), Wild Animals(44)

Following categories are free -
Alphabets(26), Days of the Week(7), Domestic Animals(32), Hobbies(17), and Vegetables(39)

More on the Learning Benefits of Flashcards -
Howard Gardner's multiple intelligence theory reminds us that there are many types of learners. Gardner's research indicates that teachers should aim to appeal to all the different learner types at some point during the course. It is particularly important to appeal to visual learners, as a very high proportion of learners have this type of intelligence. Flash cards can be bright and colourful, and make a real impact on visual learners.

The top 3 reasons why flashcards are so effective are -
1. Flashcards engage “active recall”
2. Flashcards utilise your metacognitive faculties
3. Flashcards allow for confidence-based repetition

Keeping all these advantages of flashcard based learning in focus, our research group (which consisted of Teachers and Mobile application development experts) have come up with highly effective learning features like audio aid, select cards, random & sequential mode, slideshow and various quiz games, and we have incorporated them in a very user friendly way in the Flash'em suite of applications.

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