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NZBirder can be used in 3 different ways: Learn, Identify, Create Sightings Lists

1) Learn about a wide variety of New Zealand's rich bird fauna by providing offline and online bird descriptions.
2) Secondly it helps you with the identification of NZ birds. It features an integrated search facility based on a couple of common attributes like colour and bill size which makes it very quick and easy to filter and create a list of candidates.
3) - NZBirder serves as a handy tool to register the location, time and species of birds in your observations in the popular eBird format.

You don't need to be connected to the internet for birdwatching. Most functionality works offline. When you use the maps and to email yourself the observations list as CSV file will you need cellphone or WiFi coverage.

Whether you're a fledgling birder, a visitor to New Zealand or a seasoned birdwatcher and user, this app will be of great help with all your observations.

While it won't replace your regular field guide it can be used to give you audio-visual clues and identification aids for the most commonly found or iconic as well as some rare birds from Bellbird over Kiwi and Kokako, Moa, Stitchbird, Tui to Yellowhammer and helps you, whether new to birding or experienced by recording them at any location with field data.

eBird lists:

It uses your device's GPS to register any number of the contained species in the popular eBird Extended Record format ( and will be a real time saver for creating an observation list in eBird format.

You can email your bird list in CSV format from the app ready for a later upload to the popular eBird citizen science portal (will need to create an eBird account first).

Though maintaining your bird lists at eBird makes them a lot more useful, you can of course use NZBirder completely without eBird.

Sounds are included for 51 species as a training as well as identification aid. All birds are displayed with a number of important visual identification features. The app can be used in a complete offline capacity but if you have internet connectivity the app lets you look up even more detail on linked internet sites.


To back up your lists, make you sure to back up the database using iTunes or email them to yourself using the built-in tool.

List of birds contained:

Albatross (northern royal), Australasian Shoveler, Australian Coot, Australasian bittern, Banded Dotterel, Bar-tailed godwit, Bellbird, Black Swan, Blackbird, Blue duck, Buller's Shearwater, California Quail, Canada Goose, Cattle Egret, Chaffinch, Crested Grebe, Dotterel (Banded), Dotterel (NZ), Dunnock, Falcon (NZ), Fantail, Fernbird, Gannet, Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Grey Warbler, Guine Fowl, Gull (black backed), Gull (black billed), Gull (red billed), Harrier Hawk, Kaka, Kakapo, Kakariki, Kea, Kereru, Kingfisher (sacred), Kiwi (Great spotted), Kiwi (Little spotted), Kiwi (NI brown), Kiwi (Stewart Island), Kokako, Magpie (Australian), Mallard, Moa, Morepork, Myna, New Zealand Scaup, North-Island Robin, NZ dotterel, Oystercatcher (variable), Paradise Shelduck, Peacock, Penguin (Fiordland crested), Penguin (little blue), Pheasant, Pied Stilt, Pipit, Plover (spur-winged), Pukeko, Red-necked stint, Redpoll, Rifleman, Rock-pigeon, Rosella, Royal Spoonbill, Saddleback, Shag (pied), Shag (little), Shag (spotted), Shining Cuckoo, Silvereye, Skylark, Song thrush, South Island Robin, Sparrow, Starling, Stitchbird, Takahe, Tern (Caspian), Tern (White-fronted), Tomtit (South Island), Tui, Weka (woodhen), Welcome Swallow, White-faced heron, Whitehead, White heron, Wrybill, Yellow Eyed penguin, Yellowhammer

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