Planet of Cubes Survival Craft

Planet of Cubes Survival Craft

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Welcome to Planet of Cubes - BEST ONLINE MULTIPLAYER GAME with Survival & Creative Online Modes! Start your fun survival adventure with friends or alone! Improve your creativy by crafting and building blocks in creative multiplayer or single player offline modes!

This is a new updated pocket edition for mobile devices. Take your chance to battle, survive, build and block craft together with your friends, girls, boys, kids or anyone else around the world totally for free.


Start survival world exploration! Mining blocks, tons of multi crafting recipes for blocks, items, food, seeds, and potions are available for you! Easy and hard survive battle! Do everything to survive!
Fun survival craft online: unite with friends and build a survival ark, base, or kingdom, battle mobs and players. Create your strongest royale survival team.
Organize minigames: pvp, survival arena, battle, wars, deathmatch, hunger games – all of these surviving minigames you can organize with your survival team, or alone! Have fun and show it on youtube.
Lots of pets, animals, hostile mobs! Tame, feed, breed and kill!
Girl or boy? Customize your hero by using awesome skins and armor, then show off on the game arena.

Crafting and building! Build craft your block dreams: house, village, world or explore creative realms built by your friends, help them to finish building!
Fun exploration! It’s fun to explore cool buildings, block worlds and realms built by others. Even more fun to build from zero and show your own buildings.

Play offline single player games without need of wi-fi for free. Surviving, crafting, building, killing, hunting, hunger games are still available for your alone survive adventure.

Friendly worldwide game community with cool boys, girls and kids are waiting for you! Join us!

Planet of Cubes Survival Multiplayer Games is not an official Mojang app. These mmo online multiplayer free games is not associated or connected with Mojang AB and its Minecraft - Pocket Edition (MCPE). Minecraft pe is a trademark of Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with the creator of Minecraft or its licensers.

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What's New

Amazing HALLOWEEN update with tons of new game features like Woodland Mansions, Potion of Inventory Protection, single player maps upload to online server, new cool mobs and many more.
Download Planet of Cubes, join our Halloween party and invite all your friends to enjoy spooky surprises in the GAME!

- Added Woodland Mansions! Leave spawn zone, explore, and find Mansions full of chests with great items. But be careful – they are full of new dangerous monsters like evokers, vindicators and vexes!
- Added Potion of Inventory Protection! Use this potion to protect your items from dropping after death. Duration of this special potion is not limited until you die
- Added ability to upload your own maps from Survival or Creative single player to online multiplayer Private Maps! Just select your single player map and click “Upload Online” button
- Now you can create your own worlds offline in single player modes and make them available online to everyone or only to your friends!
- Added more options for creation of your own private maps: PVP, Friendly Fire, Mobs Difficulty
- Added new HALLOWEEN section to the SHOP with huge discounts on Halloween items for limited time! Get most popular items now with 70% discounts such as: PUMPKIN PIE, HEAD SKELETON, ZOMBIE and SPIDER spawn eggs, FIREBALLS, ELYTRA, POTIONED ARROWS, numerous POTIONS and SPLASH POTIONS!
- Added new premium SKIN PACK: HALLOWEEN. Buy any skin from this pack to get unique look in the game and become special!
- Updated Spawn Zones and block texture pack with Halloween theme. Added Halloween graphical elements to the UI
- Now you can do Achievements, earn coins and unlock cool skins in any order without the need to unlock them!
- Added new cool mobs : Mule and Donkey! You can tame, ride and extend your inventory with their help. Also added Donkey and Mule spawn eggs to the SHOP
- Added new hostile mobs: Evoker, Vindicator and Vex. Find them inside Woodland Mansions
- Added ability to store inventory for the Horse
- Added ability to repair Elytra with Phantom Membrane
- Added ability to ride a Pig mob
- Improved 3D model of the Ostrich and Baby Ostrich mobs
- Added female skins for Zombies
- Added ability to put various plants into a Flower Pot
- Added flight animation for players in Creative mode
- Improved Inventory in Creative mode: added search and category tab
- Improved visuals for burning arrows
- Added many new sounds to the game
- Implemented various UI improvements and fixes
- 3D rendering speed improvement


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