Photo Vault Secret Calculator

Photo Vault Secret Calculator

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If you want to hide files likes images, videos, and personal notes, then this Secret Calculator app is the one for you!
This awesome app may seem like an ordinary calculator, but you can also use this app to hide files on any of your IOS running mobile devices so nobody can see them.

How does Photo Vault Secret Calculator work?
You will be asked to create your password when using this Secret Calculator app for the first time. Then, you can already add any file that you want to hide like images, videos, and even your personal notes like what you normally write in your diary. This way no one would suspect that your iPhone or iPad can secretly hide pictures and other private stuff because it functions and looks like just an ordinary calculator.
When you use this Secret Calculator app for the second or third time, you may proceed and use it just like your usual calculator because it can function as such. But if you want to access your secret folder with your hidden files, then you must enter your password.
No need to worry because all photos that were placed in your secret folder will not appear in your main photo gallery.

Features of this Photo Vault Secret Calculator app:
•The calculator is fully operational.
•You can import and keep photos, videos, and other personal files in the secret folder.
•You can manage all your files - rename and remove them anytime you like.
•It lets you to take photos and record videos directly from your camera and then immediately hide in the secret folder.
•Create a new private note using the text editor inside this Secret Calculator app.
•No one can open your secret folder, and your files will remain hidden unless the right password is entered.
•You can watch the saved videos anytime from the secret folder.
•It lets you see all saved photos and GIF images directly from the calculator vault.

This free Photo Vault Secret Calculator is a light-weight IOS app that has a lovely and easy to navigate interface. The file hider or secret folder will hide all your personal files to anyone except for you because this app looks just like a simple calculator.
This calculator vault is a safe place to keep all your secrets, whether it is a video, a photo, or a text file. This secret calculator app is perfect for those who always write journals without letting other people know.
The good thing about this calculator photo vault app is that no one will suspect that it has all your secret files because it appears like an ordinary calculator. You can even make a diary if you want using this secret calculator app.
You should try this file hider app to see how it can save you from all the worries that others might see your private photos and videos as well as your personal notes that you have kept on your on you iPhone or iPad.
We have developed this Secret Calculator app to provide you with a safeguarded file folder where you can put all the files that you want to keep hidden. This app requires you to set a password, and you should remember it well so that you can have complete access to all your hidden files anytime.
This Secret Calculator app because is very user-friendly and extremely helpful if you need to hide your personal files from anyone.
Now, there is no more reason for you to worry that someone might see your personal files because they will only think that it is just a regular Calculator. Nobody will suspect that it holds your secret folder with private photos and other important files.

DOWNLOAD this FREE Photo Vault Secret Calculator app on App Store today and make your private files secure!


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