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Reverse Image Search, one of the most convenient apps for photo searching. With the help of this free Reverse Image Search app, searching your images against hundreds of similar images over internet is just a matter of seconds. This simple yet handy image reverse search app works with number of search engines for image searching.

Reverse Image Search, just like Google reverse image search, is an app that helps simplify the process of tracking down similar images, saving and sharing them in your emails or social networking accounts. You can use this efficient reverse photo search app to search for millions of high resolution wallpapers, images and more!

If you have stuck on an image that looks familiar but you have no idea where you have seen it and you wish that you could find more about it? Then you are lucky because it is no longer impossible as there are many tools and apps available now that helps to search similar images. One such app for iOS users is Reverse Image Search that allows them to find the image details by simply giving a sample image to app.

Reverse Image Search is a cool app that will enable you to search for similar images in a single tap. This simple and fast reverse photo search app works on the CBIR (content-based image retrieval) query technique that makes use of the CBIR system by providing a sample image. Later, the search is based on the same sample image, formulating a search query, in terms of information retrieval.

The functionality of this reverse image search iOS app is same as that of the Google reverse image search. The aim behind the reverse photo search app is to allow people to search for the similar images conveniently and quickly. Just like Google image search, it requires you to share or upload the image or provide its URL.

This reverse photo search app has exclusively been designed for all the iOS users with a device that supports the iOS operating system. Quality internet connection is the only requirement for using this simple yet quick reverse image search app. Once the app is downloaded and installed on your iOS device, it is instantly usable, with no trouble at all.

Features of Reverse Image Search app:
-It’s simple, efficient and reliable image search app
-Free Reverse Image Search has same functionality as the Google reverse image search
-Image search with the help of images in the photo gallery
-Image search with the help of the image URL
-Image reverse search by sharing images from Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or other apps
-You can choose your preferred search engine
Steps for using Reverse Image Search app:
-Download/install the Reverse Image Search app on your iOS device
-Open the app and upload the image from the desired folder
Upload the image URL of the image
Directly share the image directly from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or any other app

-Tap on the button “Search Similar Images”
-By your browser, the app will search the entire internet for all the similar images, matching to the given sample image
-Image reverse search results will be redirected in the browser

Some of the quick uses of Reverse Image Search app:
-To identify fake profiles on different social media websites
-To verify the actual identity of an individual on various websites
-Look for the details of a specific image on internet
-To get the information about your favorite celebrities
-To get the image or wallpapers with a better or high resolution
-The Reverse Image Search app can be used by travelers to search for the details of a place or location in a specific
-To find the owner or the contributor of the image
-For tracking an image as an image source finder or an image source locator

If you come across any issue with the app, please let us know by giving a brief review that describes the problem or you can contact us on our e-mail.
Download this amazing Reverse Image Search app NOW and instantly search for the similar images.

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