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RPN-38 CX is the first photo-realistic simulation of Hewlett-Packard's popular high-end programmable business calculator HP-38C for the iPhone. Produced from 1979 through 1983, it was the "Chive" member of the third-generation HP calculators known as the "Spice" series.

While the simulator works like the original calculator, a number of carefully designed extensions make it a lot easier to use.

RPN-38 CX is fully compatible with the HP-12C, except for calculations and programs involving Bonds and Depreciation.


• Photo-realistic look-and-feel
• Programmable (99 steps, program memory not shared with register memory)
• Subroutines, flags, loop control, extended conditional branching
• Insert and delete steps with automatic address correction
• 20 registers, "continuous", with unlimited store/recall arithmetic
• Indirect register addressing
• Register view
• Program listing view
• Program library view
• Additional functions (nominal and effective interest rate)
• Shortcuts for often-used key combinations
• Store and retrieve any number of programs
• Sharing: e-mail, AirDrop, Dropbox, copy, paste, print
• 40 programs pre-installed

Calculator functions:
• Percentage (%, ∆%, %Total)
• Simple and Compound Interest
• Optional odd periods (like HP-12)
• Nominal/Effective interest rate conversion
• Amortization
• Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
• Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return
• Date and Calendar (actual or 30/360 day basis)
• Statistics (mean, weighted mean, standard deviation)
• Linear Regression
• Additional functions not found on the HP-38:
- Subroutines, flags, loop control, random number, Pi, Log, x² and more

Details: cuveesoft.ch/rpn38

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What's New

• Improved solving for interest handles extreme cases without iteration error

• Address LASTx indirectly via RCi and STi by treating it as register 20

• When executed interactively, ISG and DSE do not change the program counter

• CLEAR FIN clears the Compound Interest indicator only when "Use Odd Periods" is off

Bug fixes:

• Deleting a block of program steps could result in wrongly adjusted branch targets in some cases

• ISG/DSE commands were susceptible to internal rounding effects

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